Princess Willow's Magic Fairy Brush

No more begging to brush her hair, with this magic fairytale and brush she'll care!  Parents are raving about Princess Willow & the Magic Fairy Brush. Girls love this sweet fairytale and can’t get enough of their Magic Fairy Brush. What once was a dreaded routine is now a fun and delightful experience!

  •  Light-up brush makes brushing hair fun and easy to style, so parent and child can both wear a smile.
  • Flexible bristles gently detangle like magic, so unruly hair is no longer dreaded and tragic.
  • Great for hair that's full or fine the colorful bristles deliver beauty and shine.  

 Like fairies, this product is ready to fly!  Take this opportunity to join in on the magic.  Place your order today and watch Princess Willow & the Magic Fairy Brush detangle your hair and your life! 

About the Story:

Every 100 years, in a faraway enchanted forest, a new family of trees comes to life. Now these aren’t just any kind of trees and this isn’t just any kind of forest. The trees are a lot like you and me, and the forest--it’s full of magic! Princess Willow, one of the new trees experiences this magic firsthand. Princess Willow is the youngest and least presentable tree in her royal family. It comes as no surprise to Willow’s parents, on a day of first impressions, that their little princess isn’t looking her best. Why? Willow deals with the same problem many girls face. The mention of a brush sends Willow hiding and brings her to tears. Luckily, it doesn’t take long for Willow and her parents to learn they’ve sprouted in the right forest. With the help of a famous fairy hairdresser and her magic untangling brush, Princess Willow discovers that looking her best is so much fun!