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               Detangling products are a trend in today's market, but until Princess Willow & the Magic Fairy Brush® there wasn't a product that tackled the root of the problem.  It's a child's "want to" that's the real battle.  Princess Willow & the Magic Fairy Brush® taps into the magical ingredient known to get children on board...IMAGINATION!!  This product ignites imagination and delivers a magical yet tangible solution parents and girls find FAIRY COOL!  Parents, grandparents and beauticians say, “Princess Willow & the Magic Fairy Brush® is the perfect gift and solution.”  Girls love the Magic Fairy Brush and want to hear the story AGAIN, AGAIN & AGAIN!!  
            In addition to a well-designed product, the packaging is also designed to turn heads!  It will make a statement in your store window and on your shelves.  Its TRY ME feature is designed to turn your shoppers into purchasers.  Give your customers more...give them a keepsake!

Like fairies, this product is ready to fly!  Take this opportunity to join in on the magic.  Place your order today and watch Princess Willow & the Magic Fairy Brush® fly from your shelves! 

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