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            Bundy Renfro graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and a minor in Educational Psychology.  

            Bundy has always had a love for poetry and creative writing.  She loves writing uplifting stories that help children and adults solve problems, face challenges and build character.  Inspired by her faith and moved by life's trials, Bundy knows we can all use help no matter how big or small the challenge.

            Princess Willow & the Magic Fairy Brush is Bundy’s response to a mom’s wishful thinking.  Bundy loves granting wishes and can’t resist the opportunity to make little girls happy.  This was her chance to do both, but she knew she couldn't accomplish it on her own.  It would take a very special fairy to fulfill this wish and remedy this age-old frustration.  

            Bundy’s imagination quickly led her to the magical world of Princess Willow, where she discovered Francesca Bighairbow and her Magic Fairy Brush.  Bundy soon realized she and her new fairy friend were destined to save the day!  

            As a parent, Bundy’s learned a child’s imagination truly comes to life when offered something tangible.  Princess Willow & the Magic Fairy Brush ignites curiosity and delivers a magical yet tangible solution parents and girls find FAIRY COOL!  

            Bundy poured time, attention and love into her first book of the Princess Willow series.  Before its release, many focus groups were conducted among girls, parents and grandparents.  The result was always the same.  Parents and grandparents say Princess Willow & the Magic Fairy Brush is the perfect gift and solution!  Girls immediately connect with Princess Willow and LOVE Francesca’s Magic Fairy Brush. Their excitement and eagerness to have a book and magic brush of their own is overwhelming!   Now they can and so can you!  

Bundy absolutely loves reading her stories to children.  Click on Book Signings under Quick Links to find out where she’ll be next.  If you’re interested in hosting a book signing event, please fill out the information below and Bundy or one of her fairy friends will reach out to you to schedule the event.  Thank you! 


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